Now that the weather is finally warming up, people will once again have their minds on picnics and other outdoor activities (....and maybe you're tying out the new backyard in your new home or apartment you got through American Vista Real Estate!) Here's an eco-friendly tip to consider for your next BBQ...

Petroleum-based lighter fluid is not a renewable resource and it also causes toxic air pollution. With charcoal metal chimneys you fill the cylinder with charcoal, scrunch newspaper under the charcoal in the special housing for this purpose, and then light the newspaper to heat up the coals. Once the coals are red hot you turn over the cylinder and pour the coals into the bed of the grill.

You can buy a charcoal chimney for under $20 at most hardware stores, and reuse it for years. All you need to light the charcoal are some old newspapers and matches.

Reduce pollution, save resources!